Monday, 23 April 2012

Johnny Negri's Gig Poster Exhibition @ LoFi Milan (part 2)

We arrived at LoFi Milano (Via Dei Pestagalli, 27 MM3 Rogoredo) on Friday the 13th of April. Great place, pretty faces, warm 'n' kind people!

The (so titled) "Johnny Negri's Art Show" took place at the Pub Stage, during the Psychosonic Festival 2012 (13th - 14th of April). However, the posters will remain further on the walls of LoFi as the guys of LoFi told us and that sounds quite exciting, yup!

The gig posters were printed on Palight Flat Foamed PVC sheet, size: 50x70 cm (mainly)

Apart from some great bands appeared in the Main Stage during the festival, at the Pub Stage it was Panda Kid who presented his unique one-man-band show + Manuele from "The Three Blind Mice, spinning some tunes after the concert ended...

photos 1,2,3,10,11 by: Marco Nocerino

Arrivederci ragazzi!
Grazie per tutti!